Wild Women Symposium



Spring 2016 Wild Women Symposium

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Creating a Balanced, Peaceful, and Harmonious Life through Intuitive Reiki.  I will be providing Mini (15 min) Reiki Readings. Through Reiki my intuitive readings are a gentle loving partner on your journey! They will assist you in grounding your energy, balancing and clearing your energetic system by acknowledging the energy present, guiding the blockages and beliefs to release, and promoting a peaceful state of mind and body!


Fall 2015 Wild Women Symposium
Returning to Oneness: Embracing Peace and Forgiveness

Spring 2015 Wild Women Symposium
Making Peace with the Inner Aspects of Self

Fall 2014 Wild Women Symposium
Forgiveness, Intention & Empowerment