Healing Meditation

Healing Circle Meditation/Reiki Share
Join us in experiencing Divine Love and Light at a FREE Healing Circle Meditation/Reiki Share.
Bring an open heart and mind and we will gladly guide you in the loving energy. Be ready to receive, give, and enjoy the beautifully healing energy!
Healing circles will be every Tuesday from 7-9:30pm

Our Healing Circle is centered on sending healing energy to all those in our lives and the planet who are in need of some extra healing and comfort. Many of us and our loved ones are experiencing some extreme emotions and events as we navigate this transition of energy of our planet.  Many energies are coming to the surface to be released and let go of and transformed into Love. Some are in the form of our health, our energy, our relationships, and our lives.

This planetary transition is asking for us to shift, and our meditation healing circle and energy exchange assists you each week to integrate and navigate the constant flux of new vibrations and to ride the wave with peace and love and a relaxed state of being.

Come experience the beautifully healing energy! and leave with a vibrational shift that will carry over into your daily lives!

This space is a sacred ceremony to experience our divinity and light! To know we are whole and complete just the way we are. And to send and receive in gratitude to all beings!

The second half is a Reiki Share and is open to everyone, not just those attuned to Reiki. No prior Reiki experience is needed!
Reiki is universal life force energy that is in all of us already. Come and experience and awaken your life force!
*7 – 9:30pm.
*At Levitate Love Studio “99”
Please text or call to confirm attendance.
Stephanie 801-230-5105.

***A voluntary contribution is accepted to help with taking care and cleaning of the healing space.

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