Soul Integration and Aspect Release

Strength, Triumph, Purity, Freedom, Light, Power, Divinity

Strength to overcome the programming of abuse

Honoring myself, for I have Triumphed over the pain

Reclaim the Purity that has always been mine

Freedom from the shackles of shame and guilt

See & Feel the Light come back into my soul

Power from within that sustains me

Once again embodying my Divine Feminine Goddess

                                          By Stephanie Barber

We have all endured various forms of trauma. The body’s natural reaction is to protect itself by separating the body and soul from our core self. When this happens the result is an “Aspect.” This Aspect holds the trauma and isolates it from our core, deeply impacting our everyday life.

In our Aspect sessions I facilitate an integration dialogue with the different aspects of you. This dialogue empowers the aspect to discover it is safe and to release and finally resolve the trauma, allowing us to return to our core self, bringing healing, forgiveness, and inner peace.

You are held and guided in a sacred, safe, and loving, atmosphere. With this powerful dialogue it is possible to rediscover the “Truth of Who You Are” and live an empowered life full of self-love, trust, and peace.

Sessions dive into healing those parts of self that hold the beliefs, emotions, and the triggers that drive our day to day behavior.

60 min session: $65
Packages available for more affordable long-term integrative therapy

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