Creating a Balanced, Peaceful and Harmonious Life

Welcome to Levitate Love. Our Passion is healing and giving others the tools to create healing in their own lives. Each one of us can know we are Loved, Whole and Complete, just the way they are. Healing begins with each one of us.

Love is the bottom line. When we choose love we choose our greatest self! We choose to see and know the “Truth of Who We ARE”, Divine Beings of Light! Thank you!

Please visit our Upcoming Events page. We have some fabulous meditations, classes, workshops and concerts we hold each week!

Stephanie is a woman of light! Beautiful, Loving, and Pure!
She has a genuine compassion and love for others, making her commitment to healing unlike anyone else. Through her dedication, commitment, and passion for healing others, she empowers all to know they are whole, complete and truly loved just the way they are.  Her intention is to open the hearts of all by guiding individuals through their own journey in forgiveness, love, and truth, so they may remember their authentic true self.

Stephanie has experienced the power of energy healing first-hand on her transformational journey and is a courageous stand for victims of abuse, assisting them in breaking through their limitations from their past and transforming their dis-empowering programs and thought processes. Her Soul Integration sessions are powerful tools in bringing the inner beauty forward and truly loving yourself. She was guided and inspired to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and all levels of Reiki courses and wholeness classes are recommended by Stephanie for those who are ready to begin their healing path or have already begun.

She offers intuitive healing, readings and coaching sessions, vocal sound therapy, a weekly meditation circle, Reiki sessions, and a variety of wholeness classes.

She has raised five amazing children and is very proud to be called their mom. She loves being a grandma!!

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